Invoices, billing & payments

Q. When will I receive my first bill?

A. You will receive your first invoice after completing your first full calendar month as a Venture Telecom customer.

Q. Why is my 1st invoice for more than 1 month?

A. You will receive your first invoice after completing a full calendar month with Venture Telecom. If your service commenced with Venture mid-month your first invoice will include this part month and the upcoming month’s line rental.

Q. How often and when will I be invoiced and what are payment terms?

A. You will be invoiced monthly, around the 20th of each month but your invoices will be dated 1st of the month. This is due to the nature of the service we provide whereby we charge for the previous months calls in arrears and the current months service charges.

Q. How is my invoice itemised?

A. Each month you will receive an invoice and report PDF and an Excel spreadsheet detailing your calls made. The reports show a summary of the calls made and a breakdown of the line rental charges. This applies for both fixed line & mobile.

Q. How can I view fully itemised invoices?

A. Each month you will receive an Excel spreadsheet that details the date, time and number of each call.

Q. Can my account manager customise my invoice to match the internal structure of my billing systems? A. Our invoicing is delivered in specific templates but if you have any queries or special requirements your account manager will work with you to to make sure you have the information you need, delivered as you need it.

Q. How can I pay my invoice?

A. Invoices can be paid by direct debit, BACS or cheque. If paying by BACS or cheque our payment terms are 14 days of the date the invoiced.

Q. I have a question about my Invoice

A. Please e-mail our billing team stating the Invoice number and query and we will look into it promptly. In order for us to respond, all requests must be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..