Call costs

Q. Does Venture charge connection fees?

A. Venture doesn’t charge a connection fee, however some call types, such as fixed fee, that applies to all service providers, will carry a standard one off fee which is equivalent to a connection fee.

Q. How are calls billed?

A. Calls are billed in second increments, however some call classes require a fixed fee or minimum call duration.

Q. Are there additional charges to using my mobile devices abroad?

A. Yes, at present, when using your mobile device abroad you will incur international roaming charges, to minimise these we advise all Venture customers to simply call us and let us know where and when you’ll be travelling. We can then apply the correct roaming bolt on to minimise your spend. In June 2017 all European roaming charges will be scrapped, meaning from this date forward you can use your mobile within Europe at no extra cost.